When are bank transfers booked?

When making bank transfers, it is important not only at what point an electronic transfer is made but at what point the transfer will be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to learn, among other things, the rules applied in individual banks in the field of making transfers. This allows you to be sure that the […]

Business – what do you need to know?

Together with the growing awareness of Poles about entrepreneurship, as well as the growing willingness to look for new paths of self-realization, we can note the growing popularity of established business activities. No wonder that the Polish Internet is constantly flooded with countless questions on topics related to starting a business. What is worth knowing […]

The US stock market in 2015

Global monetary policy differences in 2015 will give different paths to return generation as well as periods with a higher degree of nervousness and uncertainty, which we saw later in October 2014. As a stock investor, one must, therefore, get used to a lower equity return, but with a continued positive contribution from the US […]

The bank raises fees. What to do?

Although it would seem that banks should reduce their fees, in reality, in the recent past, it is quite the opposite – more and more banking institutions in our country are increasing fees for their clients. What should we do when it also affects our problem? It’s becoming harder and harder to find a free […]