1. Scan your finances for possible savings


Don’t you use all the mobile data you pay for? Do you pay for team training in the gym, even if you only use the exercise machines? Do you only stream, even if you pay $ 450 for a TV package? Slip on to pay more than most needed for your overheads by scanning your finances for possible savings.

Review the cost one at a time and examine if you can find cheaper alternatives to the mobile bill, fitness subscription, insurance, electricity bill, and TV package. Here’s how easy you can figure out the costs.

Then you only pay for what you need – without missing, settling on a stone. There can be huge savings to be made!

2. Recycle rather than overuse

New Year's resolution reuse

It is so tempting to go out to buy new when the chance comes. Birthdays, start-ups, parties and a new season always give rise to a renewal of the wardrobe. But do you really know what is hiding in the wardrobe?

Get all the clothes out of the closet and go exploring. You will surely find something you had forgotten you bought half a year ago or something you would like to join here again this year.

Do you want more money between hands for pleasures and things you really want, instead of using them in hasty and irrational purchases? Then recycling is the way forward. Here are a few suggestions that can release more coins in the budget:

  • Hold ‘change-clothes-evening’ with friends and inherit each other’s clothes
  • Become the owner of others’ made-up clothing items or sell your own 
  • Stop over-consumption and try out ‘non-shopping’

3. So stay with the food plan

food plan economy

Success with a food plan is easier said than done. It requires you to feel like it and energy for it. Don’t you want to decide what to eat for the whole week? Can’t you go shopping for so many days? Or is it just too organized and boring? Then the food plan is not a good match for you.

Do you, on the other hand, need both financial and mental profits in everyday life? Fewer shopping trips with the rest of the family Denmark, when the clock strikes five? More quality time with the kids or your favorite series on Netflix? Here are a few different suggestions on how to get started:

  • Haps a food plan online
  • Buy large amounts of basic goods
  • Copy paste a month’s meals

Read more here, where we go into depth with the easy tricks for a food plan without unmanageable planning.

4. Happiness moments without spending money

happiness money new year's resolution

Some can spend 5000 kroner on shopping without having to deal with the bills for the rest of the month. Others have to turn every ear to make the economy stick together. In fact, whether you’re a big spender or a savings shark, there are actually moments of luck to pick up without spreading a single penny.

And in fact you can get this long-lasting feeling of happiness all the way without getting into the next charter flight to Mallorca:

  • Take a walk in the woods and enjoy the season’s scents and colors
  • Borrow a stack of good books home from the library
  • Visit free museums and cultural offers in the surrounding area
  • Raise your friends or boyfriend out to winter baths
  • Find the best movie classics forward and low home cinema in the living room

It doesn’t take much to choose the free experiences over those who cost money. But of course, there must also be room for you to spend money on rides in Tivoli, cinema tours and concerts. The point is just that the experiences that cost money do not necessarily give a greater happiness boost than those who do not cost money.