What type are you when it comes to spending money? Do you like to have a stack of thousands of files hidden under the mattress for bad times? Or did you empty your Dankort before reaching the fifth of the month?

Whichever type you are, there is good learning in understanding your own habits and patterns of action. You behave in a certain way, both because you are the one you are, but also from what you have learned from home or by looking at others.

By understanding why money doesn’t make you big or you can’t keep the nails from a bargain, you can get better at changing the habits and patterns you don’t like.

Now to the venture …

It’s been three years since you started a small IT business. Business is absolutely brilliant. So good that you are going to invest in an extension. You see your business for your inner look grow big and with it follows big money.

For you, the entrepreneurial adventure is not just about providing IT services to the customers. It is also very much about making money and raising more money on them.

That’s why you rarely look back. You also storm with an intense look aimed at the next investment that can make you rich.

You are not afraid to take the risks involved. Time is too precious to go into detail and analyze too much before making a decision. If you have a good stomach feeling, then you go after it.

You actually get a kick out of chasing the good trades and investments. It is a great satisfaction for you that you have been able to start from scratch and reach where you are today in a relatively short time. So much so that you have a hard time holding back. You want more.

It has gone wrong a couple of times. But where trading is, there is also wasted, is your motto. Because if you just stared at all the many chances of making big money, then nothing happened.

You hope your company will be so valuable in a few years that it will be bought for a staggering amount of a big player in the market. Not that you would stop and retire to a small South Sea lake with the family for that reason. No, it would just be the start of a new and wilder entrepreneurial adventure.

But for now, you spend all your waking hours on the company expansion. You’re sure the millions are waiting ahead if you keep chasing them.