Although it would seem that banks should reduce their fees, in reality, in the recent past, it is quite the opposite – more and more banking institutions in our country are increasing fees for their clients. What should we do when it also affects our problem?

It’s becoming harder and harder to find a free bank account, i.e. one that will not cost us a penny. Banks are increasingly increasing basic fees for clients. However, we do not have to accept significant costs. There are a number of ways to lower them and at the same time conveniently use various banking products.

Expensive bank account – how to change it for cheaper?

In recent years, banks have primarily raised fees for using the account, which is one of the basic products in their offer. Almost everyone has an account at the moment. Even when it costs us 4 zlotys a month, it’s almost 50 zlotys a year!

Therefore, when you do not want to overpay for a bank account, you should look for this free one. Although accounts of this kind are no longer common, they still happen. Many banks also allow free account maintenance under certain conditions, such as monthly inflows of a certain amount.

Of course, we must remember that, along with the terms and costs of running a bank account, check other bank products, such as fees for using a payment card or withdrawals at ATMs.

The payment card may cost 0 PLN

Payment cards are the second popular banking product – they are now normally included in the basic bank account so that you can easily and conveniently withdraw money and pay in stores.

Here, there are further fees for customers. Currently, finding an account with an unconditionally free card is virtually impossible. However, also when we meet certain requirements, we will be able to use the card for free. Charges can be avoided if we perform a certain number of card transactions within a month or pay it the agreed number of times. Otherwise, we will pay from 4 to 10 zlotys per month for the card.

Payments from ATMs

The use of the card also involves withdrawals from ATMs. In most cases, withdrawals at an ATM belonging to a bank will not cost us a cent. However, it is worth pointing out that some banks are starting to introduce commissions for the payment of small sums below PLN 100.

In addition, there are growing fees for withdrawals from ATMs that do not belong to the bank. We will pay about 7-8 zlotys for withdrawing money from an ATM in the country.

How to transfer to another bank?

When the offer of our current bank does not fully satisfy us, we can decide to move to another. This is not a quick procedure, but it will allow us to save quite a lot of money in the long run.

Remember that we can not transfer the bank account number itself – the account numbers are assigned to specific banks, so we change the account number along with the bank change. In the beginning, let’s get to know different offers and choose the best one. Then, let’s create a new account, and then in the next step, close the old one, when we transfer or select money from it and change the account, we will notify others.